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The Back Door non -profit Rock shows line.
Our vision:
To create and promote stage for young bands556655*
To produce amazing shows that "anyone" can afford himself to pay*
To expose audiens to those great bands we host*
To have fun and gather expirence in production,sound,lighting*

Our story
around march 2015 after long time being a rock fan and doing PR and tickets selling for many concert bands and productions me and my friens Hila Levy Arazi felt that the Israeli rock is  dissapiering ,less producers are producing rock concert and the one that do makes them very expensive ,as a result of the prices and producers effort to make the event "mainstream" as possible less  rock fan are coming to the concert so even though there's
a lot of audiens less and less producers are producing rock concerts.

as a result we decided to take action and to create our own line of rock concerts.
we approached to "The Teder" youth center in Rishon LeZion that became to be our home club and asked to cooporate and they immidiatly agred, we raised budged and started to gather a winning team around that project .
after a few months of "cooking" on 25.6 , we produced our first concert and lunched that amazing thing .
in that show 350 peoples arrived, we hosted 2 bands and the famous "Mecedies Band" came for a show.

since than we hosted dozens of young bands,our audiens is keep growing and many other famous artists in Israel such as "aifo ha-yeled" and "the DR kasper bunny show" , "Elisha Banai"and more came to preform in our Line .
right now we keep creating and producing amazing shows every once in one\two months and you get updates right Here on our Facebook page :
above that you more then invited to send us matireal of you or your friends songs in order to help them and get them into our concerts .11252552_1583162801934823_7260356525498915663_n